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Getting Started With Your Kitchen Makeover

Explore the top 12 tips you need to consider when starting a kitchen makeover. Discover:

  • What is a kitchen makeover?
  • Why you should makeover your kitchen
  • How to get started with a kitchen makeover
  • 12 Tips to get started on your kitchen makeover

Do you want to increase the value of your home? Are you looking for a kitchen renovation that will give you more space and make your kitchen look better than ever before? Then this blog post is perfect for you. We cover 10 steps to remodelling your kitchen, include which tradesmen are needed when renovating a kitchen, what budget should be considered for a kitchen makeover, why invest in a kitchen renovation and why it’s an important space in the home.

What is a kitchen makeover?

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where memories are made and nourishment for both body and soul is found. But, as time goes on kitchens need a facelift to remain beautiful in your mind’s eye—to preserve those precious moments you share with family whether it be during dinner or playing games at night together! 

There are many benefits of kitchen facelifts such as the cost-effectiveness and time efficiency. Fresh colours, finishes and appliances will give you a new look at a fraction of the price!

A Kitchen Makeover involves changing or renovating one or all of the following:

Why should you makeover your kitchen?

You may think that your kitchen is a small space, but if you’re considering selling in the future it’s always worth investing to update this area. Homeowners who remodel their kitchens can often see up 90% of the cost added onto their home value just by doing so!

How to get started with a kitchen makeover

Did you know that doing a kitchen makeover doesn’t have to be complicated? You can get started with simple projects like replacing the lighting or painting your cabinets. There are so many other ways for how to get started on this project, but I bet these two ideas got your attention!

12 Tips for remodelling a kitchen

1. Assess

Assess the current kitchen layout and decide on whether it’s best for your needs or not.

2. Remodel or restart?

Decide if you want to remodel, renovate or build from scratch.

3. Budget

Work out what budget you need by getting quotes from different companies. It can be more cost effective to renovate a kitchen rather than build from scratch.

4. Purpose

Think about what you want your kitchen space to do for you. Do you need more storage? More cooking area? Think about the flow of your kitchen and how it should work best for your needs.

5. Professional Design

If possible, get the kitchen design done professionally so that nothing is left out.

6. New Appliances

When remodelling the kitchen, make sure to get new appliances and install them when you’re done with your kitchen renovation project.

7. Get Quotes

Get quotes for tradesmen that will be required to do the work such as plumbers, electricians etc so that there are no surprises at the end of a job. This is also a good time to decide on what kitchen cabinetry you want.

8. Ventilation

Make sure that the kitchen has enough ventilation. Make sure there is an exhaust fan and if not, make plans to install one before any renovation work begins.

9. Storage

Think about storage space – it’s always best to have more than less in the kitchen so that you have plenty of kitchen storage.

10. Flooring

If you’re doing a kitchen renovation, consider the flooring for your kitchen – does it need to be replaced? Is there enough light coming into the kitchen? Does it work with other spaces in your home and are they coordinated well together?

11. Lighting

Consider new lighting fixtures or update existing ones if required.

12. Appliances

When considering kitchen renovations, think about what appliances you want installed in your kitchen. Think about whether or not a dishwasher is required and where it should be located for the best use of space. There are also many different kitchen layouts that work well with specific kitchen design considerations – so make sure to consult an expert before starting any renovation

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