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4 Drawer System: How to Plan Your Perfect Set Up

How to Plan Your Perfect UTE 4-Drawer System

UTE drawers are not only for tradies. This in-vehicle storage solution is perfect for anybody who would like to improve organisation and storage space. 

Not only can you store tools in a 4-drawer UTE system. There are many other everyday essentials that you can store and keep safe in a UTE storage system. 

For instance, if you like camping or touring in your vehicle, the UTE drawer system fits easily into your vehicle. That way, you know where everything is when you need to lay your hands on it. 

Most UTE drawer systems consist of 4 drawers. But if you need to expand your system, you can do so and increase what you can carry. 

Popular features of a UTE drawer system include workbenches, toolboxes, modular compartments and fridge slides. This sounds very much like UTE drawers are only for tradies. 

However, that is not the case. Take a closer look at many of the advantages of UTE drawer systems and you quickly realise they are adaptable and flexible in almost any situation. 

You can store almost anything in your system including clothes and food items.

How To Organise Your 4 Drawer System 

How you organise your 4 drawer system depends on how you are going to use it. If you are a camper, you are clearly going to use your system in a slightly different way from a tradie. But, this does not mean you should not include certain features such as a workbench. 

The Advantages of a Workbench

Workbenches are not only meant for tool use. If you are a keen camper, a sturdy workbench quickly becomes a replacement kitchen counter. 

You can use your workbench to chop up vegetables and prepare a meal. If you have a burner, you can even use your UTE workbench for cooking. 

If you have planned ahead and also added a cold drawer to your UTE drawer system, you have everything you need at your finger tips. A cool drawer is great for storing drinks and other smaller food items you like to keep cool. 

You probably can’t fit all of your food into the cool drawer. However, if you mix and match your food with fresh and dry food, a UTE drawer system is perfect. Simply use another drawer for storing your dry foodstuff. 

The best way to add a workbench to your 4 drawer system is to add it to the last slide-out function. The cool drawer can go one drawer above your workbench. Just remember to take everything out that you need before you start preparing your meal.

Storing Clothes

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t store apparel in your UTE drawers. Larger and bulkier items are perhaps better stored elsewhere. 

But, smaller clothing items including socks, t-shirts and undies are perfect for storing in drawers. That means you have more room for bulkier items in the rest of your vehicle. 

Can I Store Hunting Equipment In My UTE Drawers? 

As long as you can safely lock and secure your UTE drawers, there is no reason why you can’t store hunting gear and equipment in your drawers. 

But, there is a but. Before you pack away your hunting equipment in your UTE drawers, make sure that you comply with the law. All hunters know how important it is to make sure they follow the strict rules associated with hunting equipment which exist in Australia. 

However, there is no reason why you can’t store associated gear and equipment including scopes and cleaning stuff in your drawers. 

Storing Camping Equipment

Cargo Drawers are perfect for camping. Needless to say, you can store smaller items of camping equipment in your 4 drawer system. Larger items are not going to fit. But smaller everyday items such as pegs, cables and ties are perfect for storing in drawers. 

These are all items that are easy to lose track of when you are camping. If you store them in one place, you know where they are at all times. Also, keeping them stored in a drawer helps to keep them organised. 

It is a good idea to place your smaller camping essentials in the top drawer.

Storing Essential Tools

As we all know, when we travel or go camping, things go wrong from time to time.

Most tradies and campers carry a range of tools to help them manage almost any situation. Consider exactly what you’ll want to carry in your drawers. If you will be storing heavy equipment, ensure you start with heavy duty drawer slides.

When you buy your 4-drawer system, it is good to make sure that it is modular. This allows you to make the most out of available space. You don’t need to make every drawer modular or compartmentalised. 

In the planning stages of your system, take some time and think about what you would like to store. If you using your system for storing all of the smaller items you need for your camping trip or longer expedition, planning ahead pays off. 

Depending on the size of your drawers, you may want to store smaller items in the top two drawers. That way, you can also open your workbench and place what you need on your bench. 

By including smaller modules and compartments, you can safely store what you need for pursuits such as fishing or even foraging. 

Pros and Cons of 4 Drawer Systems


      Easy to adapt

      Fits into your vehicle

      Store what you need in one place

      You can lift them in and out

      Multi-functional: great for leisure and professional purposes


      Can be expensive

Although many 4-drawer systems initially cost more, they stand the test of time. If you invest in a well-organized and set-up 4-drawer system, you are far less likely to have to bulk up your vehicle with lots of different storage. 

This is an efficient and easy way to store many of the essential things you need. 

Final Thoughts

Planning ahead is what allows you to make the most out of your 4 drawer system. Create a list and perhaps even a drawing on how you plan to store all of your leisure or professional essentials.


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